2020 Goole Triathlon

Sunday 12th July 2020














Race Information

Correct Equipment

All competitors must:

Wear a wet or tri suite for the swim stage of the triathlon.
Wear a cycle helmet for the bike stage of the triathlon.


If you have paid your entry fee and can't make the triathlon due to personal reasons or injury, you will lose your entry place.

This decision has been made to reduce the amount of administration work Goole Triathlon Club.

There are no refunds available.


Race Registration

Please can all entrants arrive with time to register and prepare for the event.

Race registration is between 8:00am and 9:00am on Sunday 12th July 2020 at the following location:

Hook Memorial Hall
High Street
East Yorkshire
DN14 5PG

When you register you will be asked to complete the entry form and sign the disclaimer, you will not be allowed to enter the race until you have registered and signed the disclaimer.

You will be given a registration pack which will have your timing chip, race number, swim caps and a bin bag for your belongings.

In case of an emergency your contact details must be completed on the back of your race number.

Choose a location
Hook Memorial Hall
Race Registration: Hook Memorial Hall, High Street, Hook, Goole, East Yorkshire, DN14 5PG

Race Timing

We are pleased to be using Jaguar Chip Timings for the third consecutive year.

You will be given a timing chip at registration time. It must be attached to your ankle throughout the race. There will be people to give you instructions and show you what to do.

Jaguar Chip Timings are very experienced in timing events, however although extremely unlikely there could be a possibility that you could lose your chip timing strap, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this and hope you understand that we will not be able to record your time if this does happen.

Race Start

The race starts at 10:00am on Sunday 12th July 2020 at the following location:

Loftsome Bridge Coaching House
North Yorkshire

At 9:30am we will gather everyone at the start point where photographs will be taken and a safety talk will be given.

Please ensure that NO CARS are parked at Loftsome Bridge, there is a lay-by on the opposite side of the road at the pumping station with plenty of room for cars, and you can park there and walk under the bridge with your bike to the start point. This is a safety request as we do not want cars getting in the way when the participants are transitioning onto their bikes. There will be marshals at this point guiding you to a safe car parking space.

Loftsome Bridge have respectfully asked that you do not use their toilet facilities. There are toilets at the point of registration please ensure you use these at the start of the race.

Choose a location
Loftsome Bridge Coaching House
Race Start: Loftsome Bridge Coaching House, Wressle, North Yorkshire, YO8 6EN


Start time is 10:00am PROMPT.

We will call numbers 1 to 10 into the river first then numbers 11 to 20 at 10:01am etc.

As soon as you enter the river your start time will be recorded.

You will be told which group you are in at registration so that you can be ready when you are called. There will be canoes in the river to help you if you need any assistance.


You will need to make arrangements to get your bike to the race start point at the river as this is a different location to where you register. Bikes should be left at Loftsome Bridge where you exit the river.

Ideally you should bring someone to support you so they can look after your belongings whilst you are in the race.

Please note there are no bike racks at the river, your bike will be placed on the grass.


You will leave your bikes at the Sotheron Arms following the bike stage.

Bike racks are provided and marshals will be there to assist.

During the registration time please familiarise yourself with the entry and exit points so you are clear where you are going when racing.

Finish Line

The race finishes along the river bank at the top of Water Lane, where you will see the finishing line. Please encourage your supporters to be there to see you over the line.

There will be plenty of water stations throughout the day and refreshments will be served in Hook Memorial Hall for all the supporters.

All entrants will receive a 2020 Goole Triathlon medal & t-shirt.

As we are using Jaguar Chip Timings you will be able to get your time almost as soon as you finish the race.

A wind down massage is available to all entrants after the race, kindly supplied by Goole Sports Therapy

The Sotheron Arms (Heppy's) pub will be open at the end of the race if anyone wants or needs a celebratory drink.


Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

Trophies for first male and first female.

Trophies will be presented by the Goole Town Mayor.

Any Questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions page

If they don't answer your questions, please drop us an e-mail

The 2020 Goole Traithlon is in aid of